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Who is the apprenticeship offer addressed to?University students and students of technical high schools with a transport and logistics profile who want to gain their first experience in logistics and consolidate their knowledge.

Where are the apprenticeships held?Spedimex headquarters, company branches

How long is the apprenticeship?4-12 weeks


Who is the internship offer addressed to?Graduates and final-year university students who want to actively engage in work, performing responsible tasks.

Where are the internships held?Spedimex headquarters, company branches

How long is the internship?4 - 6 months

Why is it worth it?

You can combine study with professional work

In the case of apprenticeship, we will provide you with the opportunity to combine study with professional work, flexibly adjusting your working time to school activities.

Perhaps you will stay with us longer

If you like it here, you are good at what you do, then after completing your apprenticeship or internship, we can offer you permanent employment.

You can gain experience

We will ask you to participate in projects and engage you in responsible tasks. You will learn the practical aspects of working in the field of logistics and transport, and you will support our departments in their duties.

Easy application – quick recruitment

We try to simplify everything. We do not unnecessarily prolong the recruitment stages, we talk about what is necessary to get to know each other better.

01Application analysis

We analyze candidates' applications and documents in accordance with the needs and available positions in our units.

02Recruitment meeting

We will meet with you to talk about your expectations. We will also introduce you to work in our company.

03End of the process
Planning an apprenticeship or internship program.

That is all. We will invite selected candidates to complete an apprenticeship or internship. Together, we will set the scope and schedule for gaining experience.

Among common goals and values. Start your career with us.

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