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Employment contract

Base salary + performance bonus

Paid overtime

Free medical care

Sports package on preferential terms

Free forklift training and UDT (Technical Supervision Office) exam

Christmas presents

Contests for employees

Employee referral rewards

Work in modern, automated facilities

Safe working environment

Attractive life insurance conditions

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“I started working at Spedimex as a warehouse employee, and now I am a foreman. I have been with the company for 13 years. Every day I work to ensure that the products reach store shelves and customers as quickly as possible, I ensure a safe working environment. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that my work has a direct impact on the results of our company. My work is also about relationships with people. Thanks to the involvement of my colleagues in our joint work, I feel greatly motivated to act and I feel satisfaction with being part of the Spedimex team. It's definitely worth staying here longer. "



Quality controller

“I work as a quality controller at Spedimex. I am responsible for the assessment of the product, I check whether its parameters correspond to the established standards. Every day I face various challenges related to. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and partnership relations with my superiors and colleagues at work. It gives me satisfaction and makes me want to be here. After work, I spend my time traveling, resting outdoors or watching a good movie."



Quality controller

“I work as a quality controller. My job is to assess the quality of products so that the future buyers get the best. What I like about my work is that I have a real impact on the end product the customer will receive. I spend my free time reading books, I also relax while working in the garden. "


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01You can fill in the application form, available here.

02Write to us. Let us know if you want to visit us:

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03Call us: +519 030 681

You do not have to write a CV - make an appointment and let us get to know you.

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