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Fuel Surcharge

The application of the fuel adjustment results from significant fluctuations in the market prices of fuels, which are the main cost component of the provision of transport services. The adopted formula for calculating the Fuel Surcharge allows to avoid frequent changes in the Spedimex Sp. z o.o. pricelist.

The method of calculating the Fuel Surcharge is based on changes in average diesel fuel prices published by PKN ORLEN. The base price of diesel oil adopted for the settlement of transport services is the average wholesale price of 1 m³, which in January 2010 amounted to PLN 2,881/m³.

Automatic adjustment of the prices of the provided services takes place in the event of a change in the average monthly price of diesel fuel in relation to the base price*.

The fuel adjustment factor applicable for a given month is given at the beginning of each month and is as follows:

Price PLN 1m³ Diesel Fuel*
% icrease in diesel fuel price
% share of fuel in transport costs
% amount of fuel adjustment
January 2021
3 529
February 2021
3 683
March 2021
3 842
April 2021
4 014
May 2021
4 014
June 2021
4 071
*The level of the ratio results from the share of fuel costs and may change as the cost structure changes.
The minimum value of the ratio cannot be lower than 2.78%.
Spedimex reserves the right to change the method of calculating the Fuel Surcharge.

Road tolls

All member states are obliged to collect tolls pursuant to Directive 2006/38/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe of May 17, 2006.

In Poland, its collection is regulated by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 22 March 2011 on national roads or their sections where electronic tolls are collected, and the rates of electronic tolls (Journal of Laws 2011 No. 80, item 433). On July 1, 2011 electronic toll collection, the so-called e-toll, was introduced which is related to the use of road infrastructure by vehicles with a maximum permissible weight above 3.5 tons. A public-law toll is collected on selected national roads and their sections.

The introduction of the above-mentioned administrative fees has a direct impact on the increase in operating costs of all carriers in Poland. In connection with the above, from July 1, 2011, the Road Tolls will be added to the basic rate of transport services.
The toll was calculated on the basis of the costs incurred related to electronic toll collection and tolls for using licensed motorways.
Its amount will be updated along with the inclusion of subsequent sections of national roads and motorways subject to toll collection.
The amount of the toll has been included as a percentage, added to the base rate for freight.

The type of service

Domestic distribution - groupage shipments

Toll amount


In the case of domestic and international full truck loads (FTL) and less than truck loads (LTL), e-toll expenses will be included in the value of freight rates. Their amount will depend on the kilometers actually traveled along sections of roads designated for e-toll collection, as well as licensed highways and expressways.

Spedimex reserves the right to change the method of calculating the toll and to update its amount along with the development of the toll road network.

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