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Spedimex as a partner of the social campaign "Catch your bust".

September 28, 2021

Spedimex joined the "Catch for the bust" campaign organized by Gazeta Wyborcza for an important purpose - promoting preventive health surveillance for the early detection of breast cancer.

This year's edition of the social campaign "Catch your bust" is a series of events promoting health prophylaxis. These include the webinar: Breast cancer - facts and myths, available in two language versions
The action also allows for free health surveillance or training with the participation of phantoms.

This is another edition of the social campaign. Its slogan is to refer to breast self-examination and other preventive surveillance.
Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly detect changes that can be quickly treated at an early stage.

It is not without reason that the action is carried out at the turn of September and October. For many years, October has been recognized worldwide as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
October 15 is the European Breast Cancer Day, symbolized by a pink ribbon.

Stay healthy!

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