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In our facilities, we work hand in hand with technology. We use automatic solutions which let us work faster and more efficiently, minimizing the risk of mistakes.

Learn about our solutions and check what can you gain.

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2 modern sorting lines of the put to light and cross-belt types

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WMS class warehouse systems to support B2B / B2C logistics processes

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Automatic roller conveyors supporting
e-business service

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Applications for managing B2B, B2C returns

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Station for automatic folding and sealing cardboard boxes

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A machine park dedicated to the finishing of clothing articles

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An internal team of experts working daily on the development of operating systems


Faster and more efficient handling of logistics orders

Do you want to increase production capacity, reduce inventory and relieve the supply chain? System solutions in the warehouse make it possible. Improve your logistics with our simple and efficient solutions.


Limiting potential errors and delays

Automation makes working in a warehouse easier and reduces risk of mistakes. Employees perform simple activities, and the system tells them what tasks should be performed, which reduces the risk of potential errors.

Remote monitoring
of logistics processes

You only need an e-mail program and a browser to manage your processes. Manage your logistics remotely from anywhere, at any time.


Eliminate paper documentation in our activities

We follow the philosophy of "think ecologistics". Document digitalization is one of the aspects which makes it possible to reduce our impact on the environment and to implement the sustainable development strategy.

More possibilities thanks to constantly developed systems and technologies

Our internal team of IT experts is also a team of enthusiasts for continuous improvement. Every day, they make improvements in the functioning of systems, develop and create new applications that affect the work of the entire organization. Thanks to this, we can boast of real flexibility, reducing the time needed to implement technological improvements or changes in projects to a minimum.

of logistics and transport processes

Take your logistics to the next level. Gain access to the latest technologies, harmonize your warehouse and transport processes thanks to constantly improved systems.

Get to know our technology solutions
in transport

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