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Regardless of whether you operate on the local, national or international market and what fleet you have, we will find the right loads for your vehicles.

What do we provide?

Permanent, regular routes

We provide our carriers with regular orders. Regardless of the season, we will take care of filling your cargo space.


Long-term cooperation

Are you looking for permanent cooperation with a company with a stable position? We have existed since 1993, we have served a large part of our customers for many years. Obtain stability and security.

Professional forwarding care

A friendly team of specialists from the transport and forwarding industry watches over the continuity of orders.

Our forwarders are in constant contact with drivers and shippers, they ensure that the cargo space is loaded and that the optimal conditions for the organized transport are carried out.

More efficient work thanks to mobile terminals

In groupage transport, orders are handled using terminals. This makes the handling of orders much faster and easier. Join our team and see for yourself!

Simple solutions require a good background

202 500

m2 storage area


branches all over Poland


years on the TSL market



Spedimex driver

“I value diversity in my work. This profession does not allow boredom. Every day I travel to different places, I meet interesting people. The work of a driver means always new challenges but meeting them brings great satisfaction. I've been a Spedimex driver for 7 years. There is a very positive atmosphere here. Transparent relationships, cooperation and good communication are the factors that motivate me to work."



Spedimex carrier

“I have already been cooperating with Spedimex for 10 years. We have been traveling together for many years, because Spedimex is a stable company that guarantees regular loads. Over the years, we have been growing and developing together. In cooperation, the most important thing is mutual trust. We gained them by making timely deliveries, providing professional employees and a reliable fleet."



Spedimex driver

“In my job, I like independence and a varied plan in my daily schedule. Each of the situations I face is different, each day is different, and that is why the tasks I perform are not monotonous. My work guarantees that store shelves are not empty. I have been delivering for Spedimex for 3 years. The advantages of working with a large shipper are regular orders and the certainty that the cargo space is filled."


Our branches

  1. Head office

    Sosnowiec 15A,
    95-010 Stryków

    tel. + 48 42 61 64 100 fax + 48 42 61 64 109
  2. Kraków Branch

    Komandosów 1/4, Modlniczka,
    32-085 Kraków

  3. Szczecin Branch

    ul. Pomorska 66
    70-812 Szczecin

  4. Łódź Branch

    Manewrowa 6/10,
    92-517 Łódź

  5. Zgierz Branch

    Dąbrowska 7,
    95-100 Dąbrówka Wielka

  6. Katowice Branch

    Wiejska 166,
    41-208 Sosnowiec

  7. Poznań Branch

    Batorowska 50,
    62-081 Wysogotowo

  8. Gdańsk Branch

    ul. Tczewska 22,
    83-000 Pruszcz Gdański

  9. Rzeszów Branch

    Jasionka 950c,
    36-002 Jasionka

  10. Warszawa Branch

    ul. Jutrzenki 8, Moszna Parcela
    05–840 Brwinów

  11. Wrocław Branch

    Logistyczna 2,
    55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie

  12. Customs Agency Stryków

    Sosnowiec 1B,
    95-010 Stryków

  13. Customs Agency Łódź

    Manewrowa 6/10,
    92-517 Łódź

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